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BitCoin - Your best investment option ever!

That’s some BIG shoes to fill, we know, but with a growth of more than 800% in just 12 month, we feel confident about it, as the growth just continues.

Bitcoin is hated but also loved by many many people, but the essential of Bitcoin and other currencies is that they just keep going, no matter the stories, issues and “nay-sayers” put out there, they just get momentum in the market of financial opportunities. ”Did you know that you can use Crypto Currency, when you buy groceries, gas or even your coffee at the local café?”

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Mining Farms

Profectus Group facilitates only server facilities for mining in Eco-friendly environments, and this goes for both Bitcoin and ALT coin mining. This precaution is made solely to ensure the optimal service, use, cooling and cost, with the smallest possible impact on the nature and surroundings.

BitCoin Mining?

Is al about 2 factors, the creation of Bitcoin and the verifications of transaktions in the network(blockchain), these options is essential for the more than 23 million people who has and uses Bitcoin as a payment option, with that in mind there needs to be a functionality handling those tasks, and its here the business within Bitcoin lies.


Bitcoin is the main source in Crypto world right now, because not only does it have a value, in a store of value sence, but you also have an increase in the value, due to the demand in the market, both for use and store of value. There will be continues be mined Bitcoin all the way up to year 2140, as it is stated in the Whitepaper of Bitcoin

With Profectus Group you can be a part of the Mining team, and earn an monthly return of no less than 3,5%, this is of cause historical numbers, as there is no guaranties, however we haven’t paid out less than that since 2013.


Is a currency that only exists in the digital form, it has no physical option, you can not hold it in your hand, like a 1 dollar coin. And the only reason that Crypto Currency is getting so much momentum in the market, is because the FIAT currencies is about to devaluate themselves out of the market, it may not happen in the next 15 years, but its coming, and therefore more and more people take a deeper look at Crypto currency, to secure their valuables.

Crypto Currency can not be manipulated comprimissed or otherwise disrupted there is only the amount that is pre-defined, available, there is no “printing” extra if the government feels like it.

Crypto Currency exists in a market that is controlled only by supply and demand, this gives it a bit of volatility here in 2018, but over time that will stabilize.

Crypto Currency upholds the 3 needs to be considered a currency

1. It can be used as payment

2. It can be used for measuring the value of an item

3. And as a store of value


Michael Jacobsen

Tlf.: 30 73 03 03


I år 2140 stopper mining efter Bitcoin, men indtil da er det potentielt puljeforøgende at investerer i mining, dog vil den største del af Bitcoins være mined indenfor 3-4 år, og da der kun er 21 millioner Bitcoins i alt, er det nu man skal i gang (… vil du høre mere om hvad, hvordan og hvorfor, så tilmeld dig et af vore infomøder, her)


Hvorfor er Bitcoin interessant ?
Kan jeg overhovedet opnå gevinst på Bitcoin ?
Hvordan kommer jeg igang med Bitcoin ?
Hvad betyder mining ?
Hvad kan jeg få for X kroner ?

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